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Artist Bio


Jocelyn Marie Goode aka SuperGoode, born 1981 in Boston, MA, attended Saint Ann's School beginning in the 8th grade with a scholarship after completing Prep For Prep's preparatory program for private school in 1994.


Saint Ann's is where she began formally training in the arts under professional painters and sculptors who provided the foundation for her figure drawing and painting skills.

SuperGoode went on to receive a B.A in Fine Art and French, double-majoring at Amherst College and graduating with magna cum laude honors. During the second semester of her junior year, she elected to attend Spelman College as a domestic exchange student, after the 9/11 attacks that happened during the first semester derailed her plans to study abroad in France.

At Spelman College, the oldest African-American institution for women, SuperGoode was exposed for the very first time to the art history of black people in the United States and across the Diaspora. Learning about the contributions of African-Americans and women was an empowering moment and shifted her outlook towards greater possibilities for herself.

She received a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004, an A.A. in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2009, and most recently completed a tech bootcamp in UX/UI Design.

She lives in East Harlem with her two sons. She has a whole alter-ego life as a roller-skate performer...

Artist Statement

Imagination is one of the most powerful human gifts, yet for so many, it is crushed, suffocated and silenced as people grow up in a society that places a premium on logic, reality and money.


My role as an artist is to create works and maintain a practice that permits me to stimulate the imaginations of others--producing art and experiences that inspire, validate, amaze and provoke thoughts.


When we activate and embrace our imaginations, we are empowered to have visions of new possibilities, and can then work to manifest them and change the world for the better. Celebrating the beauty I see in my community, my city and my heritage with the hopes of shifting the perspectives of those who view my works and bring them to a place of increased emotional sensitivity is also an objective of my art.


I work fluidly across disciplines including painting, photography, animation, digital design, bodypainting, drawing, textiles and performance into my processes.


Being an example of self-belief, dynamism, positivity and resilience representing alternative pathways of expression and success for the next generation is also a key part of my role as an artist.


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