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Legacy. Expression. Beauty. Wealth.

Introducing the
Nu Art Collectors Club

Ready to begin collecting art but have no idea where to start?

Looking for friends to go gallery-hopping because none of yours are interested?

Well, well, you're in luck!

Join my Nu Art Collectors Club and meet new art collectors like yourself launching their journey into art-investing and wealth-building.


I will be your personal usher into the heart of New York City's world of artists, galleries, fairs, exhibitions and more.

Over the twenty-plus years that I've been a practicing, professional artist, I have made many friends and built lasting relationships with the leading creators and administrators who contribute to keeping this local scene alive, vibrant and thriving. And I'll introduce you them!


Together we will

  • attend art receptions

  • visit artists in their studios

  • explore collections

  • tour cultural institutions 

  • discover auction houses

while socializing with fellow art enthusiasts and keeping each other on track with our art-collecting and wealth-building goals.

Take the first step today, and sign up to receive "SuperGoode's Art-Picks-of-the-Week", my weekly list of art events, receptions, shows, parties and performances that I deem worthy of checking out, and maybe I'll even see you there!

Also, beginning in February, I will be hosting 'Art Tastings: Fine Art x Fine Dining', an event series where I provide guided tours and talk you through the art to give you insight, perspective and a bit of visual literacy and art history education to up your game and prepare you for your next art purchases, followed by dining together to sample the cuisine of some of the city's finest restaurants and chefs.

Stay tuned!

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The Nu Collectors Club is a social club that provides an introduction to art collecting, art investment and wealth-building catering to art enthusiasts, culture aficionados and people who are new, curious and interested.

The concept was first conceived in 2015 by Jocelyn Marie Goode. 

The Nu Collector Club, New York Chapter was established in January 2023 by me, SuperGoode.

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