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"This is the moment in my life where I have finally given myself permission to be the person who fears not the power of her authentic self."

Culture As The Cure


Indie Skate Curators Fundraising Campaign

December 31st Benchmark= $5K

Donate directly to help reach our first $5k benchmark, which will be awarded in March 2024.

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In 2021, I decided I was going to create a museum dedicated to advancing, archiving and authoring black skate culture through the lens of the black experience by mixing it with fashion, art, music and dance. A lofty plan!

But like the contagious virus spreading at the time, the instant I began telling people I was creating the African-American Roller-Skate Museum, they believed in my vision immediately and opened many doors for me.

In the last three years, I've had the chance to pilot a variety programs, to host events, to curate exhibitions, to conduct extensive historical and community research, to integrate myself deeply into the NYC skate scene and to participate in brand collaborations and partnerships with supporting organizations and businesses.

Now, I'm ready to go full steam.


Going into 2024, this means recruiting a Board of Directors incorporating as a non-profit social enterprise, and beginning to raise money for the premiere museum program: the Indie Skate Curators Fund.


50% of Sales Benefit the "Indie Skate Curators Fund"

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