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"Neo-Disco Bodies On Wheels: Bodypainting X Rollerskating"

a celebration of black body positivity and disco-futurism

Artist Statement:

I began “SKINCOLOR: Experimental Expressions in Bodypaint” in 2015, taking on the human body as my next canvas to explore. After working with many models and pushing the scope of creative possibilities, I had a new vision.


This project was intially entitled “The Future of Skin”, proposed months before the start of the global pandemic. I planned to investigate what would happen when the effects of tech, climate change and body augmentation accessibility converged 50 years from now.


Then a real disaster happened. 


Suddenly, the fictional prediction I imagined to inspire the production of a new art series, was way more real than make-believe.


In 2020, skin needed to be covered. Faces needed to be masked. The mysterious and deadly disease killing thousands daily, floated in the very air we all needed to breathe.


Touch became a threat. And we became socially isolated. Skin-to-skin was only for immediate kin.


How could I come into such close contact with the flesh of a foreign body at a time like this to paint? But I DID! And when I was finally able to resume my project, all I cared about was BEAUTY, JOY, FUN AND FANTASY!


“Neo-Disco Bodies On Wheels: Rollerskating X Bodypainting” is a CELEBRATION of black body positivity and disco-futurism. In the images that follow, you will see models (also skilled skaters) adorned with glitter, sequins and paint, carefully applied by hand.


I completed each phase of this project, including digitally editing the photos from the bodypaint sessions and turning some of them into composites presenting a completely different reality.


So here is my re-imagining of the future again, this time where disco resurrects itself in the glow of black joy, enhanced by digital tech that leads to a deep reverence for the body, a solid appreciation of the human form and an unapologetic love for the resilience our skin.

Neo-Disco Bodies On Wheels: Editorial Images
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